making a video

1. Using your digital tech: smartphone is ok but a bit awkward to prop up (although if someone else is with you, they could film). Tablets aren't bad but laptop or desktop are probably the best.

2. If you have never made a video in this way before, play around to find out how your piece of kit works (there are loads of 'how to' videos on the internet. 

3. Choose a room with some soft furnishings to avoid too much 'echo' on your audio.

4. Sit or stand with light from your front, rather than behind you. Your equipment will use auto settings so experiment with different light sources until you are satisfied.

5. Stand or sit a little bit back from the equipment so that your audio doesn't overwhelm the auto  settings. Check how you appear in the screen and try to position your eyes level with the camera, so avoiding looking like you are peering down at the audience. 

6. Press 'record' and see what you get! It's really not that difficult. (NB Your system will probably give you a count-in. TIP Count another 'beat' in your head before you actually start otherwise your first second or two  might not get recorded.

7. When you are ready to record a song for Virtual Folk Club, please feel free to 'top and tail' your performance with a little intro of your name but don't say any more if your video is intended for the 'Club Show' as we will invite you to have a short interview before your video. So there will be room to explain your choice of song. If your video will be uploaded to 'Rolling Show' then you could add a bit more. 

8. Save your recording with a recognisable name eg if you are Jim Smith and you recorded your version of The Wild Rover, you might title your file 'jsmith_wrover'. Do one song at a time and avoid sending things with just number and letter names. (Your system will automatically name it - you need to rename with something we can keep track of). 

9. Sending or uploading your video - put your video into a sharing/cloud storage system (eg Dropbox) and send us a link, to OR contact us at this address and we will talk you through getting the video to us. OR upload yourself to our Facebook page 'Folk Beeston - Rolling Show'.