The Club is Now On line!

In the current crisis, with the Club closed until further notice, we have established a version of the folk club online. Read on for details of how to access the Club and how you can contribute. 

LATEST - NEXT CLUB NIGHT FRIDAY 10th APRIL at 8.15 pm. Read watch our 'watch party' go to our Facebook page 'Folk Beeston Club Show' (note the change of name).

Club Show - Please go to the page and wait for the watch party to start - please do not press 'play' on any of the video previews you may be able to see. If you join just after 8pm you will see a set of changing slides and hear some music. You can read comments and start making some yourself: get a drink and get comfortable, the show itself begins at 8.15 pm. 

You can also view our latest 'broadcast' again, at the same place. 

Rolling Show - somewhere for 'folkies' to upload videos (or sound files) of themselves or their friends performing. Feel free to use it NOW!

UPDATE 6th April: Some difficulties experienced by a few people in reaching the 'live' version of the show but all-round very good performances by all who appeared. If you missed it, you can still see it at We will probably limit its 'shelf life' but intend to upload it to our YouTube channel in due course (either as a single video or as individual performances). Stats from our first two nights were impressive with apparently hundreds either watching in real time or on catchup. We were even watched in Australia! Far more people 'view' our show (and our videos on 'Rolling Show') than ever turn up at the Club!

We will stay with our format which consists of 'live' segments of hosting and interviews. Watching in real time people can - and do - comment. Much appreciated!

Videos - Please experiment with making a video of yourself performing at home. Providing you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer you will be able to do this with surprisingly good quality (recording, anyway!). If you are able, you will find you can get even better quality with a good digital camera. For those new to it, here are some guidelines.

We want videos from EVERYONE who is a regular performer!