All events 8 - 11 (doors open 7.40)


14th February                       Singers' Night                                                                                           JA       £3

21st February                       Guest Feature: The Phil Langran Trio + Singers'                            RBL      £5

28th February                       Singers' Night                                                                                          JA       £3

6th March                             Singers' Night                                                                                          JA        £3

13th March                           St Patrick's Celebration (Beeston Ceilidh Collective)              MSRC      £5

20th March                           Guest: Paul Carbuncle                                                                      RBL        £6

3rd April                                Singers' Night featuring Elaine Chipchase and Phil Harrison     JA        £3

10th April                              Guest Night: Gilmore and Roberts                                                 RBL       £8

17th April                              Singers' Night                                                                                        JA         £3

24th April                              Singers' Night - St George's Celebration                                        JA         £3

1st May                                  May Day Singers' Night                                                                     JA          £3

8th May                                  Guest: Lucy Ward                                                                            RBL         £8

15th May                               Singers' Night                                                                                        JA         £3

22nd May                              Singers' Night featuring Beatrice Wallbank and Colin Tucker  JA         £3

29th May                               Singers' Night                                                                                        JA         £3

5th June                                 Singers' Night                                                                                       JA         £3

12th June                              Guest: Pete Morton                                                                          MSRC    £8

19th June                              Singers' Night  featuring Dave  McGowan & Joe Sanderson      JA         £3

26th June                              Singers' Night                                                                                       JA         £3

3rd July                               American Independence Night + Singers' Night

                                            SEASON END 

                                            NEW SEASON BEGINS SEPTEMBER 11 

Highlights include Les Barker 16th October, John Kirkpatrick 27th November